MagicRun is a group of experts of Structural Steel committed to creating quality, innovative, design solutions.

Our solutions incorporate the efficient use of structural systems and materials to enhance or preserve the architecture

We understand that all our clients want safe, efficient and economical structural solutions and need clear communication with their structural engineer, and demand cost effective services and engineering solutions for project feasibility and sustainability.


We commit to these core values to guide our decisions and behavior and set a standard of excellence that rewards our customers, our employees and our shareholders.

OUR MISSION IS TO Achieve profitable growth by providing quality business services for metal projects


Our commitment to operate responsibly and in compliance with all federal, state and local requirements in all facets of our business. This commitment is reflected in our Core Values and the ways in which we support our customers and the communities where we operate.

Sustainability Steering Committee


The purpose of the Sustainability Steering Committee (the “Committee”) is to further integrate sustainability into our strategy and operations.

The committee will assist the Board of Directors, specifically the Nominating and Governance Committee, in fulfilling the Board’s oversight responsibilities with respect to the Company’s sustainability efforts.

The Sustainability Steering Committee is an integral part of the ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) process at Magic Run. The Committee meets regularly and reviews our sustainability progress and priorities, and ensuring accountability at all levels of our organization.


The Committee will be comprised of members from functional areas who are at a senior level and can solicit resources within their functional area for added expertise on specific issues.

The CEO shall appoint the members of the committee.

The CEO shall appoint the committee chair that will set the agendas and direction.

Committee members may identify short-term sub-committees for specific sustainability topics.


Sustainability is a long-term commitment as it is the intention of management to build ESG as an ongoing process rather than a project.

The Committee will meet regularly throughout the year.

The Committee may request any officer or employee of the company, outside legal counsel, external auditors or any person or group with relevant experience or expertise to attend meetings of the Committee or to meet with any members or consultants to the Committee.

The Committee members or Chair may be requested to attend a meeting of the Board of Directors.


Set the tone and develop a culture within the Company regarding sustainability, promote open discussion, and promote integration of ESG management into the Company’s processes and goals.

Develop and approve disclosures that will be shared publicly, updating those disclosures as needed based on shareholder service ratings, shareholder feedback, changing conditions or assessments.

Develop and approve sustainability type programs and process changes to meet established goals.


The CEO and the Committee Chair will provide an update to the Board of Directors regularly on the status of the sustainability process, actions taken by the Sustainability Steering.

Committee, and the latest public scoring for the ESG categories.

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